Hi! My name is Jing-Chen.

I like to make things, with code or with my hands.

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About me:

  • I was born in Taiwan and grew up in California.
  • I am currently a junior at UIUC, double majoring in CS and Mechanical Engineering.
  • I participated in First Robotics in high school with team 846, The Funky Monkeys.
  • I like monospaced fonts. What gives?


  • Robotics and pathfinding. See this cool paper! (not by me)
  • Computer games. I like playing them, as well as making them.
  • Pixel art. I like to mess around in paint.net.
  • Learning! Reading research papers can be fun and enlightening.
  • Webcomics. Currently following Gunnerkrigg Court, among others.


And tortoises of course.